RAILDATA is international organisation of European cargo Railway Undertakings. It is established as special group of the International union of railways (UIC).

The main purpose of RAILDATA is to design, develop and run IT services to support the European freight railway business of its members.

Currently four main applications are in production:

  • ORFEUS (Open Rail Freight EDI User System) - consignment note CIM data exchange
  • ISR (International Service Reliability) - wagon movement and status reporting
  • Use IT (Uniform System for European Intermodal Tracking and Tracing) - intermodal trains status reporting
  • WMI (Web Manual Input) - web form for capture of train consist data and its presentation

Applications Use IT and WMI are integrated with the ISR application.

Production of the former HIPPS F1.1 application (theoretical freight wagon trip plan) was terminated on 1st January 2002.


RAILDATA is managed by the General Assembly in which all members are represented.
The actual management of the General Assembly:

  • Chairman of RAILDATA General Assembly is Mark Verhulst (Lineas) - since 2019
  • Vice- Chairman of RAILDATA General Assembly is Tommy Ransmark (Green Cargo) - since 2018

RAILDATA services (development, maintenance and operation) are managed by System Assemblies in which only participating members are represented. The System Assembly is responsible for operation and maintenance of a RAILDATA service. System Assemblies are autonomous in the organisation of their activities. Presently there are two System Assemblies:

  • ISR System Assembly, chaired by Petr Cervinka (CD Cargo) - since 2017
  • ORFEUS System Assembly, chaired by Mr Lothar Schneeman (DBSRDE) - since November 2012

Please note that TAF-TSI matters are dealt in the ISR System Assembly.

All the Assemblies chairmen and the Raildata vice-chairman are elected for period of two years.

The Assemblies are supported by the Executive Committee (RDx). Composition of the Executive Committee is determined by the General Assembly. The Chairmen of the Assemblies are "qualitate qua" member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee ensures the coordination, coherence and rationalisation of the implementation and operation of RAILDATA services and applications.

Each assembly can establish an Experts Group. Expert groups are consulting the Special Assembly by approving the proposals of the User Support Centre concerning Change Requests. An expert group shall connect inputs and ensure coordination from a functional, technical and data quality viewpoint among all users. If required, ad hoc Working Groups can be set up to deal with particular subjects.

Today there are two Experts Groups:

  • ISR Experts Group for co-ordination of the ISR system, including Use IT and WMI functions.
  • ORFEUS Experts Group for co-ordination of the ORFEUS system.

The day-by-day production of the applications is supported by the User Service Centre (USC) in Basel. USC takes part also in evolution of the applications and practically manages new implementations.

Current User Service Centre team compounds from:
Mr Alexander Martinez, who provides application and technical support - since 1995
Mr Ralf Gutbrod, who provides application support (mainly for ORFEUS) - since 2011
M. Oliver Kundt, who provides application support (mainly for ISR, RTIS, WDI) - since 2015
Mrs Edith Waldvogel, responsible for staff and account management - since 1995.

Development, operation and maintenance of national components of RAILDATA information systems are the responsibility of participating members.


RAILDATA is open to active UIC members (being railway undertakings) under certain conditions:

  1. That they accept the present RAILDATA Internal Regulations and meet the corresponding financial obligations,
  2. That they participate actively in the development and use of at least one of the IT services of RAILDATA.
  3. That they are able to provide RAILDATA with the necessary data or enable their internal systems to do so within a compulsory timeframe.
  4. That they use RAILDATA standard interface, common data catalogue, common code lists and common quality standards.

The company which wants to become member has to provide RAILDATA with a written request for participation. There is no pre-described form to request membership. If you are interested to become new member of RAILDATA, please address RAILDATA’s Chairman.

The membership is considered and in positive case confirmed by a decision of the RAILDATA General Assembly.
Non-UIC members may become members of RAILDATA under the same conditions, respecting Internal Regulation of UIC n.3 Art. 4.1 and 4.2.

There are 16 European railway undertakings members of RAILDATA now, some having subsidiaries too. For actual list of RAILDATA member please consult Raildata’s web page: http://www.raildata.coop/members.


Users of RAILDATA services can be:

  • RAILDATA members under the conditions of the service agreement;
  • Other Railway Undertakings which have signed a ’user-contract’;
  • Wagon keepers which have signed a ’user-contract’;
  • Other companies which have signed a ’user-contract’. In this case only, a decision of the RAILDATA General Assembly is necessary.

Customers of Railway Undertakings cannot have direct access to RAILDATA services as users. They can be served by any RAILDATA member or user. As exception, intermodal operators which are authorised by a transport contract with a RAILDATA member can be users of the application Use-IT.

The user is required to accept and observe the following conditions:

  • RAILDATA quality standards,
  • The fee regime,
  • All other provisions stipulated by RAILDATA, particularly with regard to data protection, access rights and confidentiality.


Current budget structure relates to situation, that the RAILDATA systems are already in production, but at the same time they are being extended with new functionalities on ongoing base. All systems use the same computer platform and production support so some costs are shared.

Presently, there are the following specific yearly budgets:

Common Budget covers costs of general activities, management, office and travel costs and also services support (costs common for all systems mainly user support centre). Each RAILDATA member contributes at equal shares. Special entrance fee is requested from new members in the first year they join. Increased membership fee is collected from members, which include daughter railway companies.

ORFEUS Budget consists of two parts:

  1. Part 1: costs for realisation of change requests, maintenance of the software & hardware and for internal works of the Basel Team. These costs are divided by the sum of ORFEUS members (equal shares).
  2. Part 2: costs for operating and hosting of the central server and for the Hermes communications. These costs are divided between the ORFEUS members based on usage of the central system (CDS), expressed with number of sent and received CTD-messages, while the number of received CTDs in multiplied by factor 1,5 (to reflect, that the receiving company have the main benefits). If a member company does not send and receive the messages yet, then it pays an average amount.

ISR Budget also consists of two parts:

  1. Part 1: costs for realisation of change requests, maintenance of the software & hardware and for internal works of the Basel Team. These costs are divided by the sum of ISR members (equal shares).
  2. Part 2: costs for operating and hosting of the central server and for the Hermes communications. These costs are divided between the ISR members based on number of received wagon events (which particular member get from other members). If a member company does not send and receive the messages yet, then it pays an average amount.

The ownership of the IP Rights or related hardware products or documents procured during the development of the Systems by or on behalf of the RAILDATA members shall belong, jointly and severally, to all members proportionately to the amounts invested by them.


RAILDATA was established at its 1st (constitutional) meeting on 23 March 1995 in Bern. The most efficient way to learn about the history of RAILDATA is to see the History Overview, presented by Petr Cervinka at the RAILDATA 15th Anniversary celebration event in Florence on 24 November 2010. It gives summary of the background and milestones both of the organization and its applications. It also gives overview of the RAILDATA team - listing all the great people who contributed to the success of RAILDATA.


RAILDATA has partnership with several other international organisations or service providers, involved in international information and communication technology for European railways:

International Union of Railways (UIC) - IT Study Group Freight and the IT User group GRU
International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) - Project e-Rail Freight, Electronic consignment note
LUSIS - ISR and ORFEUS software development, central system production
HIT Rail - Hermes Virtual Private IP Network provision and support
Rail Net Europe (RNE) - European Rail Infrastructure Managers association
International Union of Wagon Keepers (UIP) - UIP represent owners and users of private rail freight wagons
X-Rail - Production alliance for transparent quality wagonload traffic


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