Predicting the maintenance with digital technology

Start: 2020-01-1

End: 2020-11-1

Project code: 3RASIPMDTE

Project director: Vincent VU

Project manager: Vincent VU

Developed for the progress of the main strategic documents, the Strategy for the Development of Joint-Stock Company “National Company“ Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ”until 2020” (further- Strategy) has defined the main goals of the company’s swift development to increase the efficiency of transit traffic through the Republic of Kazakhstan, to meet current and and projected requirements for transport services, improvement of their quality have been the launching pad for for the development of the transport complex.
Analysis of the problems that have emerged in the field of railway transport has revealed the following key points that are critical for the country s further socio-economic growth:

  • the need to accelerate the renewal of fixed assets of railway transport;
  • overcoming the technical and technological gap of Kazakhstan from the advanced countries of the world in terms of railway technology;
  • the need to reduce territorial disproportions in the development of railway transport infrastructure, improve the transport security of the regions and develop the capacity of railway lines;
  • the need to lift restrictions for the growth of the volume of transit freight traffic;
  • the need to improve the safety of rail transport;
  • Lack of investment resources.
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Wednesday 30 September 2020


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