SHERPA Final Conference


SHERPA Final Conference will be held online on Thursday 15 October from 10am to 4pm (CET).

SHERPA (Shared and coHerent European Railway Protection Approach) is an European Funded Project (ISFP-2017-AG-PROTECT ) on protection of stations and trains against terrorist attacks.

This one-day conference will be the opportunity for the participants :

  • to explore the main project results on
    • Terrorist risk assessment and management
    • Emerging terrorism-related threats against stations and trains
    • Assessment of security solutions
    • Practical tools for a common approach on raising awareness and improving security of stations and trains.
  • To learn about the online Security Hub gathering solutions to help rail security experts to improve the protection level of stations and trains against terrorist attacks.

Expected participants include SHERPA Consortium members, UIC security platform and Colpofer members, representatives from authorities and policy makers.


To register to the SHERPA Final Conference, please contact [email protected]

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